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Traveling CFO


Here are some indications your Company needs a CFO:


  • You have financial goals

  • You need to measure the Contribution Margin of each Service/Item

  • You need to know your Breakeven Point

  • You're growing!

  • You want a partner to help you to anticipate your cash needs

  • You're about to make a major purchase with only the Loan Originator as your Consultant!

  • You're relying on others to interpret your Financial Statements for you

  • You probably aren't charging enough for your products/services

  • You're in business to maximize profits, not just minimize taxes!


The CFO give you the support you need in all of the above scenarios and many more.  When it comes to accountability for your Company's administrative, financial and risk management needs, we are here for you!




While a lot of Small Businesses are in need of a middle-management voice, some simply need their books kept in an orderly fashion.  The act of getting the data into the software in a way that proves accurate and efficient can sometimes be a daunting task!  Whether you need a daily routine, monthly support, quarterly input or annual CPA interpretation (we are bilingual....we speak CPA!!!), we can provide the service your Business needs to be sure your books are right and on time!


We have plans for you that offer hourly support as well as flat rates based on a monthly need. Let us tailor a plan for you and keep your books the way you need them!





Where the CFO is critical in decision-making, policy and procedure creation, assessing needs and developing strategies, the Controller is the hands-on everything a company needs in the Accounting Department.  Most of the time, Small Businesses need a one-man department to run everything from HR to Accounts Payable and Collections.  That's where we come in.  We can fill this need on-site, or by remote; in pieces or the whole picture!  Everything we have to offer is customized to your needs and the Controller position is no exception.


We have models that are billed by the hour so as your needs change, we adapt and move with you.


We have models that are billed at a flat rate to keep your budget on track.

Workshops & Training


Maybe you're a Business Owner who just needs some really good training on how your Accounting system is supposed to work.  Or, maybe you have staff that needs some assistance with their skills.  Either way, we have a solution for you.  


Workshops are designed to cover precise topics or general overviews.  Check out our list and see if any of them work for you!  We keep our workshops to a minimal enrollment so everyone gets the attention they need. 


If workshops aren't what you're looking for, we also offer one-on-one training.  These specialized training services are billed on an hourly basis so you're paying for exactly what you need.  They can be performed on-site, over the web or in a workshop venue -- it's your choice!  Call today for options.