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Traveling CFO, Controller-in-a-Box, Accounting, Bookkeeping, QuickBooks Training (for you and your staff!), QuickBooks Set-Up, Payroll Solutions and much, much more.  We are designed to handle your needs and support your Small Business in start-up, growth, downsizing and everything in between!




Our staff has over 30 years experience in the Accounting and Bookkeeping field and over 20 with QuickBooks.  All of our experience is in the Small Business World!  We have worked with everyone from Retail to Manufacturing, General Contracting to International Trading and everything in between!




  • Traveling CFO

  • Controller-in-a-Box

  • Financial Statement Preparation

  • Daily Bookkeeping

  • Business Processes & Procedural Set-Up

  • QuickBooks Training (on-site and Workshops!)

  • QuickBooks Set-Up (don't do it without us or let us fix it when you have!)




  • Affordable

  • Iindividual-Based (classes are held to a minimum to address individual questions instead of broad information)

  • Often

  • Taught by a BOOKKEEPER!!!!!!!

  • Many Levels


"With Melisa's help, I was able to start-up my own Bookkeeping business!" -- Sue A.

"Our books were a mess before Melisa took over and they were being managed by my CPA!  If we would have had that Real Estate Dept. audit before she took over, I would have lost my license!  Thanks, Melisa, you saved my livelihood!" -- Sondra H.